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Development plans near Sidcup Station upsets residents.Over 1700 sign petitions

Added on: 23rd September, 2017 by Derek Hope - Kent Photonews

 Development plans near Sidcup Station upsets residents.Over 1700 sign petitions

"Hideous" flats proposal upsets Sidcup residents.

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Mon, 23 October 2017

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Coplan Estates Ltd have held an exhibition at the Holy Trinity Church on Station Road, minutes away from an area close to Sidcup station, where they propose to build three high-rise blocks at the Co-Op site. Sidcup residents were invited to see the plans and view computer generated images of how the development would look.

Now two petitions have been mounted and already have over 1700 signatures added, asking Bexley Council not to allow the development. One by Luke Cashin already has1,063 signatures on and his appeal has been shared thousands of times on Facebook. Luke, aged 19, a student studying geography at university said “I started this petition to give the people of Sidcup and the surrounding area a platform to voice their opinions and views and also raise awareness of the proposed development; as many individuals in the area had not been notified of the plans before. Sidcup has seen vast high rise development in recent years and Bexley Council need to finally listen to the people, and stop these hideous buildings from being built.”
Another petition started by Tom Monks on seeks to keep the music scene in Sidcup alive as although the Iron Horse pub and music venue is not planned to be taken down, the landlady Julie Crabb who has been running the pub and music venue for three years said “How dare they have the audacity to say The Iron Horse won’t be affected. I’m thinking about where my customers are going to park. One of the blocks, which CGI images show towering above The Iron Horse pub could rise up to 14-storeys, though developers say plans are in their infancy, and that the development will have no impact on The Iron Horse. Nearly half of all live music venues in London have closed down in the last ten years, mainly due to flats being developed next to them and new neighbours complaining about noise that has been there for years before them. If these plans are approved, these developers will make a profit out of robbing the town of an evergrowing scene of arts and culture - which is attracting people to our town way more than another block of flats would”.
Most of the comments left on the petition sites mainly concern the strain on the infrastructure of the town, the lack of an A&E department at Queen Mary’s Hospital, overcrowded schools, gridlocked road system and difficulty getting doctor’s appointments.
The flats came in for a lot of criticism when residents saw the computer generated images of how the scheme might look. “Hideous” – Michelle Burman “Very ugly building” – Denise Spring “Monstrosity” – Susanne Turner “Concrete jungle” – Judith Brown – “Hideous eyesores” – Amanda Stitson “Enough is enough” – Christine Pearce and “A total blight – Yvonne Browne
Another petition to allow the development has been started by Paul Martin and by October 23rd had 20 signatures.

You can add your voice at :-
Coplan Estates Ltd say “The site currently provides little in the way of vitality and vibrancy to the town, comprising a large open expanse of surface car parking, and an unattractive frontage building. As such, it provides a great opportunity to bring about the regeneration of this area of the town.
“We value the opinions of local residents and businesses and encourage feedback on the outlined plans.”
You can learn more of the plans at

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Mrs Missus - 23 Sep, 2017 - 18:53PM

There are affordable flats being built and waiting to be built all over Sidcup by developers. Affordable housing is going to be built on community green space and several other areas in and around Sidcup. Traffic and parking will be affected by all these hundreds and hundreds of people moving to the area, even WITHOUT these flats in Station Road being built. How do you think GP surgeries, schools, hospitals etc. are going to cope with all these extra people when they are struggling as it is? and what about parking as most families have more than one car? Schools are overcrowded, some people can't get their children in the same school. Hospitals are unable to cope, it's becoming almost impossible to get appointments at local GP surgeries. This will get a hell of a lot worse the way things are going. This isn't just about the pub, but that is a big part of it. The pub is very popular on performance nights, there is a good atmosphere and young people are able to channel their talents in a positive way through music and that can't be a bad thing. I have lived in Sidcup all my life, and I agree we need some affordable housing, but there is already too much over development with more in the offing. We don't need even more flats. They are too big, they will affect the music licence of a music venue which is already there, as the families will complain about the noise and make it impossible for the pub to continue with offering entertainment and showcasing the wonderful talents of our local community as well as bringing other talented people from other areas together with our own kids and connections being made. Please don't let these flats be built..

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Mr Matthews - 24 Sep, 2017 - 12:55PM

I think this is an excellent idea and I hope it brings more vibrancy to this lovely town. Residents complaining should stick to issues such as dog mess or bus timetables and do is all a favour and stop moaning!

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Bob Boulder - 24 Sep, 2017 - 13:12PM

Yes yes get the signatures, do not need more flats and we should counter dog foulers on our street too Greg! This is a great cause and petition

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Mr Mister - 16 Oct, 2017 - 18:55PM

@Mr Matthews.... how will it benefit the town's vibrancy by overpopulating an area at the expense of the few things left to do here? Sidcup won't have any identity left, it'll be nothing more than a place to pass through to get to London

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Pam Sparrow - 28 Oct, 2017 - 10:06AM

Really! What a stupid comment! Wonder how you will feel when this monstrosity is built and you can't get a doctors appointment or if you have children can't get them into the school of your choice, or you can't find a parking space! Sidcup is a lovely area not to be blighted with such an ugly building!

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